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With our brand products, such as the hydrogel for 3D cell culture, we hope to enhance researchers’ ability to do high-quality science.

LifeGel, as opposed to other commercially available products, is free from growth factors, has high batch-to-batch repeatability and is very easy to use – you receive fully-prepared hydrogel on a plate on which you can seed cells right away. We are able to customize each hydrogel to suit different cell type or experiment requirements.

Our hydrogel is also suitable for experiments such as tube formation assay or aortic ring assay.

We also offer a ready-to-use collagenase/hyaluronidase Digestion kit which was designed for digestion of LifeGel, as well as tissue samples, so that you can easily extract the cells from your three-dimensional culture. Last but not least, we offer various services based on 3D cell culture, such as long-term culture of your cells, tube formation assay and many more.


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We offer full transparency – you will receive detailed reports describing our work. You can always contact us if you have any further questions concerning the reports or plans for your experiments.

Why 3D?

Nowadays, the most popular technique for cell cultures is based on two-dimensional growth on plastic dishes. In natural conditions, as in a human body, cells are very social. Each cell interacts with other cells, creating a very sophisticated micro-environment. How the cell reacts to any changes of substances depends on the environment. Flat plastic dishes do not resemble the natural environment; therefore, results of experiments done under these conditions are not the most reliable. This means that a substantial amount of time spent on these experiments is often wasted.
Our hydrogel provides a solution to this problem – it creates a platform for three-dimensional growth, therefore allowing cells to interact and behave in a way they naturally would. This makes the results that much reliable.

Our bodies are three-dimensional – our research should be too!

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